Miscellaneous Musings and Observations

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There’s something about music…

Something spiritual, something deep, some songs, some melodies touch you to your core, it’s like the music literally reaches inside of you and touches your soul, moves your soul or makes your soul dance!

Everyone has that one song, that one band or artist, that one melody that no matter what they are going through when they hear “that song” for a few moments they can escape the present and are wrapped, enveloped and caressed into the essence of “that song” and it soothes them and it restores them even if only temporarily because there really is something about music….

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1 thought on “Miscellaneous Musings and Observations”

  1. It’s an infectious, lustful thing how music drugs one’s mind into a doughy-eyed slumber for the few minutes the song lasts and then maybe a few hours more if they let it. There’s no doubt to the legend of the Pied Piper luring rats and children with his flute. Music is magic…sometimes dangerous magic.

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