About Me

Meraki (may – rah – kee) – the soul, creativity or love put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

I’m a special blend of wit, humor, sass, fire and fierceness, generously topped with some sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s me! I’m a woman first with all that that entails and an ever growing ever learning child of the most high God. Just like everyone else I’m trying to navigate through this crazy world without losing my sanity in the process.

I’ve always felt compelled to write, so this is my moment, starting here, starting now with this blog. Everyone has a story to tell, this is mine.
She believed she could so she did

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18 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Your birthday is between late March and early April; am I right?

    • Sorry, but that is incorrect.

      • It was worth a shot:) I was just trying to read the energy of your statement. I am a casual student of astrology. I didn’t want to mention signs if you were opposed to the subject.

      • That’s thoughtful of you. My astrological sign is Capricorn. Which statement?

      • Your About Me statement…this one. Typically, Taurus is drawn to pinks and blues…and the crab sign I prefer to call “Krabulus” is also drawn to those colors because they have a childlike or maternal quality to their nature, and those are considered baby colors. I noticed a youthful zeal in your statement which suggested the impulsive, youthful, “green” energy of a spring-born Aries.

        I saw nothing that suggested the aging wisdom or cautious stubborness of a Capricorn. Which leads me to believe your birth sign is but a thin shell of the real you. You are likely in your second/moon stage of life with a very ambitious Venus, Mars or rising sign. Or, your Capricorn nature is just full of motivational energy to climb mountains, yet.

        I’m a Sagittarius.

      • Very interesting, sincere thanks for sharing that 🙂
        Read some of my posts and let me know if your perspective changes.

      • I will have to do just that in good time.

  2. I like “meraki”, nice word and meaning, cool for a blog

  3. Well, I think I was right to be concerned about discussing astrology. You are a very “salt of the earth” religious person in what you write/post. I suppose that goes with the traditionalism of Capricorn.

    At least, you have impeccable online manners:)

  4. Just a question…how did you create your Contact Me page? I think I can figure out how to add a page like I did my About Me…but how did you get the submit info form? I don’t think I saw that in the widgets options.

  5. thank you for stopping by my page! I cant wait to read more of yours! 🙂

  6. Love this description! I’m so glad our paths have crossed here.

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